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    Making An Appearance - 2013

    photos i’ve taken to teach myself b&w photography.

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    While We Walk - 2014

    a single roll of film shot while walking through the city park.

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    It Is Not Just You - 2014

    walking about seattle while my dad rests at the apartment.

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    Could Not, Be More - 2014

    photos taken during downtime waiting for my father to finish doctor appointments in Baltimore.

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    Trip - 2014

    trippy drive.

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    & Let Live - 2014

    old photos that vaguely work together somehow. idk, the product of boredom. get it before its’ gone, 3 left!

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    Don’t Think About It - 2014

    old times at my friends house in an orchard.

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    Farthest, So Far - 2014

    trip to seattle with pops for his treatments.

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    TrunkWeed - 2014

    listen to the music my friends make: http://trunkweed.bandcamp.com


  14. Anonymous said: just wondering where you had the teen suicide shirts printed? im looking to make some shirts and im not sure where to go









    we got really lucky with that because me and john’s former roommate jeff (from the band wish list) used to work for a printing company and now he prints shirts on his own. he does a damn good job, has very reasonable prices, and gets stuff done fast. he’s done shirts for lots of bands and labels, if you’ve seen any of the alex g tour shirts or orchid tapes logo shirts, those were him. if you are in or near maryland i’d highly recommend trying to go with him. if you’re farther away i know he’s shipped stuff out occasionally in the past, but i’m really not sure how expensive that is. hit me up non-anon if you’re interested in talking to him and i can get you in contact.

    "torts approved" 👍

    also Jeff is like the nicest dude so there’s all that

    jeff and i dated when we were in 6th grade

    Without Jeff, I would still be begging for change on the streets of Los Angeles with no direction in life whatsoever

    jeff is intimidating because he’s so nice/cool/great hair

    Reblog to add your favorite Jeff stories!!! :)

    this got out of hand but thank u all

    i remember back in the day jeff was like no thanks i dont want to get high. weird times.